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BOI 2013 is jointly organized by

Sponsors and Support

BOI 2013 relies on the general support of all of BWINF’s OI activities by

BOI 2013 is further made possible by our gold sponsor:

Other sponsors of BOI 2013 are:

Also, we gratefully acknowledge a donation by AIDA cruises.


Dr. Lutz Hellmig, Rostock University, Institute of Computer Science
Dr. Wolfgang Pohl, BWINF

Scientific and Technical Committee
Simon Bürger, RWTH Aachen
Julian Fischer, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg
Fabian Gundlach, LMU München
Patrick Klitzke, Saarland University
Tobias Lenz, University of Bonn
Ludwig Schmidt, MIT
Jonathan Schmidt-Dominé, RWTH Aachen
Jannis Seemann, TU München

Many thanks go to the following members of the Institute of Computer Sciences: Prof. Dr. Peter Forbrig, Prof. Dr. Andreas Heuer, Prof. Dr. Heidrun Schumann, and Birgit Kusserow for organizational support; Hartmut Alwardt, Peter Eschholz, Prof. Dr. Gero Mühl, Daniel Pokrandt, and Donald Reebs for technical support. Further thanks go to Borwinschule and to its teacher Ralph Marten in particular.